Edmonton river valley near by high level bridge. 

Jack and Erin met each other at university of Alberta. They were classmate. Jack said he had obsessive thoughts without even knowing that much about Erin on the first day. The more he talked with Erin the more he felt how cute she is. Erin said she started noticing Jack when he helped her solving a physics assignment question and she was touched when he spent the whole night to think of the question. From that day, she thought Jack is talented and excellent, she admired him. They all share some tips with us how they make each other happy.

Jack said: She is easily to be happy, all he need to do is to treat her a hot pot.

Erin said: He is easy to be happy, all I need to do is to tell he is the most handsome person and to allow him to play DOTA2.

Jack also said he always remember that:”Happy wife, happy life”.

They will get married July 16th, 2017. We can’t wait for their wedding.